Garden of Dreams

Priya, the daughter of a British Duke and Indian Noblewoman, has never been accepted into English society. In an attempt to find purpose in her life, she wants to dedicate an exhibit of jasmine flowers in honor of her mother at Kew Gardens in London. But she will have to court the gardens’ patrons for support, patrons who have a hard time believing her mother to be worthy of the honor.

Fredrick, the young Earl of Harewood, is scandalized when his father returns from India with a wife and eight-year-old daughter in tow–a family Fredrick didn’t even know existed! Fredrick stays in London after the Season in hopes of escaping the turmoil back home only to come head to head with a British-Indian woman determined to dedicate a portion of his beloved Kew Gardens to her mother.

Can Priya overcome her pride and Fredrick his prejudice to see that the healing and happiness they seek are right in front of them?

Garden of Dreams is a sweet, clean Regency romance and book 2 in the Garden of Love series! It is a STANDALONE romance novel. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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